Immersive Portals Mod Bedrock 3 Mod Maids & Butlers Add-on (1. well yes i know that but could it be eventually made for bedrock, like morph was? 1. There's still a few features from my old version I have yet to add in, but this should work just fine in any world. Added mod version sync to check if the server and client have the same mod version. Better Ender Dragon |Texture Pack|. No, if I understand correctly, the player is running this on vanilla client. 🎮 APRENDA A CRIAR SEUS JOGOS: https://bit. Rd3las September 09, 2023 at 2:26 am please update the addon. CurseForge is one of the biggest mod repositories in the world, serving communities like Minecraft, WoW, The Sims 4, and more. Is there a mod which lets you put different dimensions in the same world? For instance, a mod that replaces bedrock and anything underneath it with the nether or a mod that replaces everything after the height limit with the Aether. Mod Immersive Portal for MCPE, PS4, XBOX. Immersive Portals Command Booklet">Minecraft Tools: Immersive Portals Command Booklet. 4 Mod Flan’s Titan Pack Mod (Mech Suits) ChiefKief. Omg thank you so much! I would love that. It also provides an API that other mods can make use of to manipulate the size of entities and the time it takes for their size to change. Immersive Portal Traps in Minecraft. *INSANE* NETHER PORTAL MOD!!!. For the end too overworld portal, make a frame out of end stone bricks, and throw a eye of ender into it. #minecraft #moddedminecraft #survivalminecraft #minecraftmods. 2 I recommend using the Curseforge app as it makes it easy to make a profile with the correct mods, but if you don't want to use it then remember to download the fabric loader: Fabric Loader Required mods: Create Fabric - 1. Specify a block that the bedrock will be replaced into. Immersive Portals Mod For MC 1. (If mods folder does not exist, launch the game with Fabric once and the folder will be created. After installing it, the transitions between dimensions will be instantly and without loading. Other Features:-Enhanced End Portals-Mirrors-Commands for Creating Custom Portals-Datapack Based Custom …. Smaller Nether Portals is a minimalistic mod which allows the creation of smaller nether portals, specifically the sizes 1x2, 1x3 and 2x2. 1 Mod Minecraft Bedrock Content. Enabling compatibilityRenderMode in imm_ptl-common. 7 Mod Minecraft Bedrock Mods; Minecraft Bedrock Maps; Minecraft Bedrock Seeds; Minecraft Bedrock Textures; Minecraft Bedrock Addons; Minecraft …. 2, is a Fabric mod that offers a user-friendly solution for creating scale boxes using the Immersive Portals functionality. There is a more detailed video on my YouTube because I can't upload the video onto the subreddit. Portal Minecraft Data Packs. com/7SpotmanI also used the "Te. Follows 5 Steps bellow to install Immersive Portals Mod (See Through Portals) on Windows and Mac : 1. By RabiTech34 Published on 16 Oct, 2023 4. 21 Mod BetterPortals addon PE [nether update!] Minecr4ftHub. The mod affects both Nether and End portals, and is fully functional with both normal portal configurations and arbitrary shapes, too, so all your magic doorways will continue to work. Install Immersive Portals. Any mod compatibility issue is NOT intentional. 2 - watch how to install a new Portal mod 1. Survival; Creative; after bypassing all ads takes you to media fire for portal gun mod. IMO this mod is essential for minecraft feel and gameplay. GitHub">Issues · iPortalTeam/ImmersivePortalsMod · GitHub. ) This mod is very complex, so it's incompatible with some mods. 19🔰Download texture pack- https://earn4link. YOU NEED THE IMMERSIVE PORTALS MOD AND THE PEHKUI MOD FOR 1. I figured out how to make Immersive Portals randomzie a portal. minecraft y luego arrastre el mod a la carpeta. But for vanilla (not confirmed) it's really cool. Fix sometimes server hang when closing. 5 Mod Vanilla Rebalanced Addon. The Boomerang is a ranged weapon that can be hurled into enemies an infinite number of times without the need for ammo. This guide is about installing and using the Immersive Portals 1. Been wanting this mod for a while now, but I don’t know how to get it on my Xbox, if it’s even possible. If you want dynamic lights use LambDynamicLights. Immersive Portal World Minecraft Map. The mod is only compatible with the Java Edition of Minecraft, not the Bedrock Edition. low FPS and high CPU usage when moving after creating portal …. How do I download immersive portal mod onto pocket edition on a tablet?. Minecraft Servers; Minecraft Skins; Minecraft Mods; Minecraft Maps; Minecraft Seeds;. This is my favourite Minecraft mod ever! What's your favourite? COMMENT down below! Also feel free to SUBSCRIBE and LIKE for cookies! Thanks for watching. Immersive Portals is chaos if you use it right. Download Dash Ability Mod for Minecraft PE: quickly and without…. On one side of the portal the lighting is way off what the other side represents, which kinda ruins the illusion. Minecraft Ambient Sounds Add. OK hello this mod will be a bit of a challenege so whos up for it. Adds in the Portal Gun From Portal and Portal 2! This mod adds various blocks and items from Portal 2 that go well with the Portal Gun mod. Mods require third party servers (e. You can instantly step into another realm without. Today I Download and Install Minecraft IMMERSIVE PORTAL MOD!! It is accually AMAZING!!How to download Immersive Portal Mod?Minecraft IMMERSIVE PORTAL MOD!!!!. The portal rendering is roughly compatible with some versions of Sodium and Iris. A Minecraft mod which replaces vanilla portals with better ones. Posted by u/RadioativeStufAKA64 - 4 votes and 12 comments. Host your Minecraft server on BisectHosting - get 25% your first month with code MODRINTH. Designed for Android version 4. Other Features:-Enhanced End Portals-Mirrors-Commands for Creating Custom Portals-Datapack Based Custom Portal Generation-World Wrapping …. Important: Some older versions of. Sinon, faites Touche Windows + R. Someone reported that after removing IP other people cannot join LAN world. Players can also use the Immersive Portals mod to introduce mirrors and custom portal commands to their Minecraft games. "immersive portals" Mod Clear filters. com/minecraft/mc-mods/immersive-portals-mod. 19) adds blocks, items, and systems ported from the java edition Create Mod. YouTube">COMO VER ATRAVÉS DOS PORTAIS REALISTAS no. Get the Immersive Portals mod here: https://www. ly/39d83CZ ️ MEU SEGUNDO CANAL: https://bit. #1441 opened on Sep 10 by BerrieBuffel. Heavenly Craft PE • 2 years ago. Search Results for portal mod//. Back To The Future Bedrock Edition. Immersive Portals Mod Other Features: Enhanced End Portals. Compatible with some OptiFine …. Netherite Dragon's Elytra (32x, 16x friendly) 32x Minecraft 1. How to Walk Through Mirrors in the Immersive Portals Minecraft Mod🔔 Stay Updated: http://bit. This brief effect applies to any portal, but I'm not sure about foreign mods. Immersive Gateways(Immersive Portals Addon). See through portals and go through portals seamlessly without loading screen and create non …. Mods that are not related to the internal game mechanics are compatible with ImmPtl. Estas mejoras nos permitirán, nada más y nada menos que, ver a través de los portales dimensionales. No loading screens: When players enter a portal in Immersive Portals Mod, they are instantly transported to the destination without having to wait for a loading. Accordingly, from Nether, the ordinary world will be visible at the point where the portal stands. 5 tweak-mod allows you not only to see another dimension through portals, but also to enter them without any . 5 Mod Portal Gun Mod (Teleport to Anywhere) Torp3do. #shortsI made this book of commands for the immersive portals mod in minecraftThis is the command to use IN A COMMAND BLOCK in order to get this book: /give. Harness the raw arcane powers of Nature's Aura and Ars Nouveau to bend reality to your will. BetterNether allows Minecraft players to explore and play in a completely new Nether (Image via CurseForge). Minecraft Bedrock Edition has lots of resources, and nearly all of them have value. Tutorial on creating custom portals Tutorial on creating cross-server portals. 20) brings the Portal games to Minecraft, complete with a Portal Gun that allows you to shoot portals and pick up weighted cubes. Scythe AntiCheat is the best Minecraft Bedrock anticheat addon to prevent all sorts of hacks! It can prevent …. But the best feature is that players …. ️ COMO VER ATRAVÉS DOS PORTAIS REALISTAS no MINECRAFT!. Sponsored by ZAP-Hosting! Oh and look, multiplayer compatible! Biplane. Portal Gun – best and most famous portal tool mod is now for Minecraft Bedrock. 2) – See Through Portals">Immersive Portals Mod (1. You can make them in any shape so long as the obsidian blocks connect somehow. The portals mod creates an "other-worldly" feel in your Minecraft world. Better Portals removes a lot of the restrictions to crafting portals in Minecraft. 1) BetterNether Coming in at number one on this list is the BetterNether mod. It can render portal-in-portals. A Minecraft player constructed a brilliant Nether portal optical illusion that made it appear like the Overworld without the use of mods. Published on July 21, 2020 (Updated on July 23, 2020) Craftable Portals! V2 (Mega Update) Now you can craft the end and nether portal easily! No more searching for the secret stronghold, or wasting time on making a whole nether portal when you can now …. is this a legit datapack or does this need forge to load …. This video = cool and subscribe for a cookeeeeeeLinks-Immersive Portals: https://www. A BepInEx/HarmonyX mod for Valheim. Socialize Forums Wall Posts Groups Discord. You can see portals inside portals. It would mean so much to me if you checked out my YouTube channel and TikTok. Features: The travel is seamless. Holograms can be seen when created, but when the client reconnects to the server they are invisible. # How to Install This Mod (Fabric version) Install Fabric Loader open in new window; Open the game directory, find the mods folder, put the mod jar into mods folder. Forge: This mod depends on Immersive Portals for Forge and MixinBootstrap. Minecraft (Bedrock) : https://MinecraftPERevolution. 1 Mod Paladium Ore Add-on [NEW AMAZING CRAFTS W/ …. Armor stands will pop up when you add a new point to the path, to visualize where the point is. (This describes the latest version of MiniScaled) In survival mode, you can build a block frame using stained glass: (The frame must be either 4x4x4 or 8x8x8 or 16x16x16 or 32x32x32. Immersive Portals(Quantic Tech) Minecraft Data Pack">Immersive Portals(Quantic Tech) Minecraft Data Pack. Other Features:-Enhanced End Portals-Mirrors-Commands for Creating Custom Portals-Datapack Based Custom Portal Generation …. Fix cf57371: Game crashs with serene seasons This fixes the crash. Immersive Portals for Minecraft Bedrock. Minecraft: Using Immersive Portals and help with custom portals Once installed directly or via a mod-friendly program such as Forge, Minecraft players will …. Still, a fun mod definitely worth trying. com/minecraft/mc-mods/immersive-portals-mod#shorts #minecraft #immersiveportals #minecrafttutorial. _______________________________________________________________ TitlesBest SpeedRun Seed 1. For more info on portal-specific permissions, see the wiki. Vanilla: This maintains normal Vanilla Minecraft functionality. 4) – Teleportation, Portals. Then I have a repeating command block using this command: /execute as @e [name=randomPortal] if block 50 143 3 minecraft:spruce_door [open=false] run portal set_portal_destination_to @e [type=minecraft:armor_stand,name=randomPortalChoice,sort=random,limit=1] Set the …. This mod is originally created by SonicJumper (original thread can be found here ). 2) a re-write of one large part (client-side seamless world transition) of the mod is in progress and I can think of at least two more parts (server-side portal visibility tracking and the Portal. With some effort, another GitHub repo, and a lot of hard work, you could make a clone of Minecraft from scratch that has Immersive Portals native support, runs on your microwave and …. Join Planet Minecraft! We're a community of 4. Client and server Game Mechanics Library Transportation Utility. zip file) Fabric client: Fabric 1. Portal Gun mod for Fabric using Immersive Portals. Features: One of the key features of Fabric API is its flexibility. And even better is this mod removes the loading screen so you can see right into the Nether or End and transfer between worlds instantly!. #1442 opened on Sep 10 by LemonHeadOnGit. This datapack is inspired by the Portal Gun mod and adds fully working portal guns to your Minecraft world. Note: There is currently a "bug" in Minecraft when teleporting from a smaller portal, which places the player underneath the portal on the other side. I'm sure a lot of third party hosts allow you to use this specific. Download Gloomy Update Mod for Minecraft PE: completely change the…. I'm trying to make a map using the Immersive Portals mod (just for fun for now, but I might post it later). Time to bring your Hellevators to Minecraft :) It's basically a way to "stack" dimensions on top of. Mixin Bootstrap Library: Download from Server. Minecraft Servers; Minecraft Skins; Minecraft Mods; Minecraft Maps; Minecraft. There is an "immersive portals" mod that can be downloaded as well, for single player. Minecraft Bedrock Servers; Minecraft Bedrock Skins; Minecraft Bedrock Mods; Minecraft Bedrock Maps; …. 97,188 views October 3, 2021 Available for: Forge. 4: Wand Usage- Right-Click = Set frames. Dimensional portals that show what’s on the other side of the portal. Of course i can :) but this map uses java mods but i can make for you special map. Fix Portal Makes the portal transition seamless and allows for easier placing of blocks. If your looking for an adventure to have on one of. And even better is this mod removes the loading screen so you can see right into the Nether or End and transfer between worlds instantly! Portals can even be . Setting up a clear, level space at least 2 chunks by 2 chunks is. Map Link: Bikini Bottom for the Spongebob Mod (mediafire. 21 Mod Minecraft Bedrock Content. Do Not Add Optifine! It is a horrible mod and will break the modpack! Immersed With Shaders | Official Trailer. Seamless end portal! (Bedrock) : r/MinecraftCommands. The Immersive portals mod Minecraft eliminates many limitations of the Nether and End portals. Mod Immersive Portals Mod PE 1. my f3 menu wont show up who do i fix this : r/Minecraft. It goes pretty deep, changing stuff such as the internal rendering engine and fundamental functionality of portal blocks. On CurseForge On Modrinth Website. It works almost the same way as the original feature in Minecraft PC. GitHub Repo open in new window. Mods Plugins Data Packs Shaders Resource Packs Modpacks. Immersive Portals but server side : r/Minecraft. Minecraft PE Addons / Minecraft PE Mods & Addons. This is Immersive Portals Mod for Forge. Relative End Portals: Immersive Portals Edition. Minecraft Immersive Portals Mod. I just found out how to walk through mirrors in the immersive. It is basically the first 4 levels of the backrooms. Immersive Portals Mod Tutorial. Instant Portals Data Pack (1. Portal Minecraft Texture Packs. Releases · iPortalTeam/ImmersivePortalsMod · GitHub. This video I used the Minecraft Immersive Portals mod to put portals behind my friend's paintings! Enjoy :)#Minecraft #MinecraftTrolling #ImmersivePortals #M. If you want a zoom similar to OptiFine try the Ok Zoomer mod. Source: Immersive Portals Mod (1. 3 Add-On MrHusana909's War Vehicles 1. #minecraftmods #review #minecraft #minecraftbuilding MOD: https://www. For discussion and help, join the discord I have been notified about a bug with the portal effect breaking in F5 mode. Step into a world where the boundaries of space and time are yours to manipulate. # How to Use Dimension Stack on a Server. Otherwise your screen will turn black when. Published Mar 10th, 3/10/23 6:19 pm. This mod also provides some API for: Manage see-through portals. The ExiIed FeIIow 2 years ago • posted 2 years ago. 24 origins (9 are experimental community ideas), each with different advantages and disadvantages, each very unique and adding a completely different way to play the …. It was developed by the Fabric team and has quickly become a popular choice among Minecraft modders. #shorts #short #minecraftshortsIn this video I show a funny meme minecraft meme video where i added the immersive portals mod to minecraft bedrock or non euc. Minecraft - Bedrock Edition Discussion DoctorValeyard2150AD 10/3/23. I strongly doubt addons can do that. You will have many new items and weapons. What is Dimension Stack in YUNG's Better Portals? : r/feedthebeast. If the world doesn't contain things of other mods, you can use vanilla Minecraft to open the world once. Select the Forge version that you want to play on. 1 (Hotfix) Origins+, Created by me ( ShadowSharkPVP), Had help from -Folk-#6492 with the Origin descriptions. ly/2RnAjsX📱 SEJA PROGRAMADOR FULL STACK: https://bit. iPortalTeam/ImmersivePortalsMod: Non. Download Trial Spawner Mod for Minecraft PE: find out how…. I'm not going to fix this further, as I'm not interested in debugging closed-source ARR mods. If Bottom Y is left empty, it will use the dimension type's min_y property. This can be quite annoying, especially with the noisy and nauseous effect. The nether portal mode only controls new nether portal generation and does not change existing nether portals. - Commands for Creating Custom Portals. Immersive portals mod for minecraft 1. Immersive Portals Tardis Minecraft Data Pack">Immersive Portals Tardis Minecraft Data Pack. You can also open a portal from the end too the nether. fun/immptl/wikiImmersive Portals mod on CurseForge:https://www. 15 version of this mod depends on MixinBootstrap. Allows seeing through portals and directly walk into the portal without loading screen. ScaledView: This portal shows an overview of the entire end island. A datapack for Minecraft with Fabric and Immersive Portals. Create a new world or edit an existing world. It's a Minecraft mod that provides see-through portals and seamless teleportation. The Minecraft Immersive Portals mod is an extremely simple and user-friendly mod that enables players to swiftly and easily reach different realities in Minecraft. According to your testing, does the issue occur with ONLY Immersive Portals mod and Farbic API? Yes. The portal can transform player scale and gravity direction. We can now add CUSTOM DIMENSIONS and CUSTOM PORTALS through data packs in 1. Download Project Walker Mod for Minecraft PE: try to survive…. Mod compatibility issue not intended. Walk through portals to reach the nether and never …. 7 Add-On Better: Portal Guns ADD-ON. How to Install Immersive Portals Mod – XOSLAB Tech News. Report Issues (Reporting issue on CurseForge comment …. For testing this snapshot, create a portal either out of netherite blocks or crying obsidian and light it with either a flint and steel or fire charge. now you can see through portal from this trick. 3 Mod yCreatures Add-on (ANIMALS …. To get to the next levels you need to explore random places in the backrooms and the portal to the next level will appear somewhere else. Make sure you also have Mod Menu installed if you want to configure these mods. The mod offers a simple yet powerful GUI to select your paintings, those from fellow players or those …. This is an immersive minecraft modpack with mods that tweak or revamp gameplay without adding too much (as of now). com/minecraft/mc-mods/immersive-portals-modmod para conseguir ficar grande: https://www. I was playing around with some shaders and the Immersive Portals mod and made this. Best Bedrock Realistic Minecraft Texture Packs. It includes step-by-step instructions to download, install and activate it on your Minecraft game. How to Use Dimension Stack on a Server. This is a Minecraft Bedrock anarchy server that promises its players vanilla survival gameplay with PvP. For the Fabric version, the most recently released jar can be used on. Each Player has its own pair of portals. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this, because F5 mode is client side. Version 5 is the latest release that adds sounds to 3 new locations (Mangroves, …. 1] 3-Sphere project [REQUIRES IMMERSIVE PORTALS MOD, GRAVITY CHANGER MOD RECOMMENDED] Complex Map. com/minecraft/mc-mods/fabric-apiImmersive Portals mod:https://www. Most Downloaded Immersiveportals Minecraft Maps. It cuts out the annoying loading screen when you're about to travel to a new dimension; now, you can go through portals seamlessly and see the other dimension through the portal, which is bizarre. See through portals and go through portals seamlessly without loading screen. This addon adds real-life animals into Minecraft PE to diversify the in-game ecosystem. According to your testing, does the issue occur with ONLY Immersive Portals mod and Farbic API? Yes Describe the issue While using optifine & Immersive Portals the game fails to even open. This mod's applied on all portals nether, and end portals, you won't believe that but it even works on portals that exist on the mods, it's truly a fascinating mod, won't affect your Vanilla Minecraft instead it'll make it far better and enjoyable, with off limits! The mod works with these shaders: BSL shader Builder’s Moded shader Kappa shader. Connect a Bedrock Replacement immersive_portals:alternate2 null [25sept. Also refactored networking, entity tracking and portal custom shape systems. News Rules Forum Chat Mods Maps Minecraft (Bedrock) Support; Immersive Portals Mod (1. Invisible Portals for Better Portals Plugin. ERROR_422 7 months ago • posted 2 years ago. To build a blast furnace or a “crude” blast furnace in the Immersive Engineering mod, Minecraft users need to place down their 27 blast bricks in the design of a 3x3 solid cube. Minecraft Five Nights at Freddy's Mod (Bedrock Edition) Minecraft 1. #1435 opened on Sep 2 by qouteall. Detailed Player Animations Add-on. So this is how to troll people with the Immersive Portals mod. Immersive Paintings allows users to create their own, Minecraft-stylized paintings via drag and drop, or by providing a URL. Immersive Portals Mod makes Minecraft Portals see through and no loading screens on 1. 7 Mod Better Portals Mod [The famous PC Mod, now in PE] Torp3do. 2 (See Through Portals Usable). I was making a non-euclidean map and I had some portals created already. Portal Gun addon for Minecraft PE 1. Open Minecraft game, click ->> ‘Mods’ button from main menu, click – >> ‘Open Mods Folder’. Immersive Portals Mod allows players to see through portals and directly walk into them without loading screens and not only that but it has . To move between dimensions, separated ordinates, players had no options but to walk to their desired locations. last update Monday, March 20, 2023. Mod Trains + Immersive Portals Mod. Other Features:-Enhanced End Portals-Mirrors-Commands for Creating Custom Portals-Datapack Based Custom Portal Generation-World Wrapping-Dimension Stack- See the Wiki for more information. Better Portals Mod [The famous PC Mod, now in PE] Torp3do. It is designed to work with many different …. The portals can travel anywhere in Minecraft and across dimensions. This map was inspired by MEOW WOLF'S. I have successfully simulated Immersive Portals and Pehkui in Bedrock Edition using addons and command blocks. I know the Forge version has some really cool gravity mods, such as Starminer or Up and Down, but I can't find any Fabric counterpart. I was playing around with some shaders and the Immersive Portals mod. Manage your mods and addons with the CurseForge desktop app for Windows and macOS. These three tools are essential to progress and construction through the mod. Nether Portal Mod is a new and creative mod which is about Portal in Minecraft PE. According to your testing, does the issue occur with ONLY Immersive Portals mod and Farbic API? No. Immersive Portals - portals - client/server side I hesitated to put that one here, because it is really great (removes nether portal purple vortexes and allow you to see directly through it a real time updated nether), and works in 1. Incompatible with feather client Mod Compatibility. 1 Mod Adamantium Impervium MCPE (MCSM) Add-On. 1 Mod Mythology Monsters Addon. What does this mean Immersive. I'd love to have nether-based item sorting storage that delivers things back to me in the overworld. You will not get your portal core back, but the controller will drop. This makes nether portals invisible for use with better portals plugin. This mod has command /portal dimension_stack (since MC 1. 5 Mod Portal Gun Mod (Teleport to …. A small tutorial on rotating immersive portals and how to do it using items that come with the mod!Comments, Suggestions, and Feedback are most appreciated!I. 1 Mod Medieval Furniture Addon. Bedrock Edition is programmed on a completely different structure/foundation compared with Java and Microsoft made it so that it was insanely hard to tamper (mod). There are several rendering issues. Immersive Portals(Quantic Tech) Minecraft Data Pack. 0 Mod Minecraft Bedrock Mods; Minecraft Bedrock Maps; Minecraft Bedrock Seeds; …. Get ready to feel and experience minecraft pe size change portal mod like you've never seen before!. Size Change Portals Dimension has an APK download size of 10. The download process for every Fabric mod is different just make sure that the mod you are downloading is for the same version of Minecraft as the Fabric Mod. This datapack allows creating custom "nether portals" with different base materials for use with custom worlds generated from 20w21a+. The mod does not, however, include chambers from Portal. Best Immersiveportals Minecraft Maps. "immersive portals mod mcpe" Mod Clear filters. com (Mods,Addons & Mas!) Como Instalar Mods: https://youtu. To destroy a portal, all you have to do is break the portal controller. yep This is an Immersive portals world Fabric Api Fabric launcher Immersive Portal mod tell me if you have any problems Download map now! Home / Minecraft Maps / Immersive Portal World Minecraft Map. Скачать мод:Яндекс Диск: —Mediafire: —Download the mod:Yandex. Allows portals of custom shape and size: Allows custom portal orientation, including horizontal: Allows placing of blocks inside portal:. Requires Immersive Portals Mod to work, but it has as many commands as I could fit into this tiny book. jar files to your Minecraft's mod folder. Other Features: - Enhanced End Portals. It is about features in Minecraft PE. See through portal and teleport seamlessly immersive-portals-2. Browse and download Minecraft Immersiveportals Maps by the Planet Minecraft community. Immersive Portals at Valheim Nexus. Minecraft Bedrock Servers; Minecraft Bedrock …. It changes how Nether portals and End portals work by making them see-through and have …. Game crashes on render distance greater than 32 chunks with Nvidium Mod Compatibility.